About the Finger Lakes Cider Alliance

The Cider Alliance is a small coalition of cideries that promotes cider craft and appreciation around the Finger Lakes region and beyond.  The Alliance has produced the popular and growing annual festival, Cider Week FLX, since 2012.


Now entering its 5th year and seeing the huge boom in cider production, the Cider Alliance sees the need to move beyond Cider Week FLX—we want to be your go-to resource, your clearinghouse for all cider-related activities in the Finger Lakes.  We are also an advocacy group for Finger Lakes cider producers within the larger organization of New York State cider producers.

As of October 2015, our core alliance members include:  Bellwether Cider, Black Diamond Cider, Eve’s Cidery, Good Life Cider, Redbyrd Orchard Cider, and South Hill Cider.  This crew has worked hard to grow cider culture in the region.


Who can join the Cider Alliance?

Many types of businesses can join FLCA as associate members, including:

Any producer who makes cider in the Finger Lakes region using primarily New York State-grown apples; any Finger Lakes grower of apples and other pomme fruit; and, any Finger Lakes business (such as nurseries, packagers, label makers, orchard equipment companies) who would find value in supporting this group or would like to use it to network with growers and producers.

How can I join the Cider Alliance?

Joining is very simple:  Send an email with your information and we will contact you to confirm.  Please use the email form on our contact page.  Many thanks for your interest in supporting the hard cider revival in the Finger Lakes.